Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Muddy Sunday!

After a week of howling gales and torrential rain, Sunday dawned bright and cold. As was usual for a Sunday morning in the gourdongirl house mad panic ensued, Yes the rugby was still on!

When we left the clubhouse it looked as if the weather would hold for us, NOT so, we got half way to North Berwick and the heavens opened. Oh well so much for dry kids! Thank goodness I had a change of clothes and towels in the car! However I forgot to take a change for myself!!!

The teams all had to “warm up” in the rain, thus they were actually cold and wet before they even started! But the Scots are made of stern stuff and they ALL soldiered on! To be quite honest I really don’t think the games should have been played, as it was very muddy and slippery underfoot. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. Ronan's team won both their games convincingly, 9:0 and 9:1. Robert's team, who only had 5 players turn up, narrowly got beat in one game and won the other. I was VERY proud of all the boys (and the 2 girls) who braved the elements to play for their respective teams.

This is Robert after the games! I think there must have been a wallow hole in the middle of their pitch! He even had mud in his ears!!! Believe it or not, he acctually has on a pair of orange gloves, red boots and his trousers should be black!

I never actually saw the state of Ronan, but I did see the state of his kit!

I had given David a black garbage bag and instructed him to put all their kit into it when they got changed after the game!

I decided NO WAY would my washing machine cope with all the mud, so we rinsed it out in the bath first. This is the colour of the water after the first rinse!

There was at least 1/2 an inch of sludgy mud at the bottom of the bath after we emptied away the first water!

This is what things looked like after 10 rinses in the bath! At least you can now see the colour of the tops, more than you could do when we started!

I let it soak in boiling soapy water all night and again all day, before I allowed it anywhere near the washing machine today!

In case you have forgotten this is what a "Clean" Robert and kit looks like! I forgot to post that Robert won "Man of the Match" in the first game of 2007. So here he is with the trophy.


Blogger Robin said...

OH MY GOSH! And to think I used to yell at my boys for tracking snow into the house! You Scots are a hearty lot! That's one thing that must have bred out of us here in the states! Although I think the boys would have fun at our annual Marine's MudRun! I'll try to find some links to send you! Way to go Robert!!

11:03 pm  
Anonymous mazzam said...

Ughhhh..... I thought Millie's yellow finger paint was bad but it is as nothing.......

3:39 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Now that's a lot of mud. I think I've never seen this much mud before. Come to think of it, I'm sorry for my mom over 25 years after the fact -- I went sliding down a hill on my butt in the rain when I was 4 or 5.

I think I'll call her to apologize...

1:50 pm  

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