Monday, October 29, 2007

Missing Pix

Hopefully blogger will allow me to upload the pix that were missing from yesterdays post about the Zoo!!!

Yiphee, we have success this time.......well for the moment anyway!

Here is Robert watching the penguin parade. Both the boys really love watching the parade...having said that so do I! (I guess I'm just a big kid at heart!!!)

We were fascinated to watch a group of penguins swimming above water ........

......then totally mesmerised to watch them swimming underwater. In fact we stood for ages just watching how graceful they were underwater compared to what they are like on land!

I couldn't resist taking this pic of the boys cuddling "Mumble" from "Happy Feet!!!

OK, so getting back to my previous posts title....koalas in Edinburgh.....well here they are! (Well one of them at least)

That's it, all the pix that were missing from yesterdays post. I promise a knitting post soon :)


Blogger Robin said...

I love penguins too!! Birds in tuxedos!
I wanna go to the zoo!

12:12 am  

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