Friday, October 19, 2007

Ravelry and RWC knitting

I have not posted about me having been invited to joined Ravelry way back in June. However since then I have been enjoying immersing myself in all things Ravelry since!!! (Just like many others it would seem!)I have joined several groups and met and made some new friends and met some old ones too!

One of the groups I joined was the RWC (Rugby World Cup) KAL. At the begining of the RWC I decided I would knit a copuple of things, one was a pair of short sox in Scotlands colours of blue and white. I just had enough yarn to actually complete them. Yes they are finished, infact they have been done for a few weeks now and claimed by Ronan! Since I had finished my "portable" knitting I needed an other small project so I decided to knit an other pair of sox, this time for moi! I had some really nice Koigu KPPPM yarn that I had been wanting to knit with for some time so I decided to knit my favoirite sock pattern......the Opal ladies lacey sock one!

This is a picture which I took on Monday once they were done. I then needed a further portable project so I then dug out some more sock yarn, this time, Koigu KPPPM in beautiful purple heues. (No pic as yet!) I am on the second sock, knitting it in the waterfall rib pattern from Sensational Knitted socks by Charlene Schurch.

I also cast on a large project and I mean large coz it was a jacket for myself!

It was the Long Line Jacket by Twileys of Stamford. It was knitted in the Freedom yarn, in the claret colour and on 9mm and 10mm needles.

and here it is, resplendant in all it's glory, hanging from my shower rail as this was the only place I seemed to be able to get a half decent pic!

Oh well I hope to get my second Koigu sock finished before the final whistle is blown tomorrow after the South Africa V England game. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to watch the final since I will be at work :(


Blogger Robin said...

Nice socks!! I LOVE Koigu, so soft and squishy!
Beautiful sweater!

12:11 am  
Blogger Batty said...

I like that jacket! The color is very pretty.

12:55 am  

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