Monday, November 26, 2007

And they're off!

If you read my post yesterday, you will know that I was not looking forward to today! Anyway it went better than I expected......NO tears!!!!!

All ready to go!!! Outside the school gates with all his stuff. The black bag in front of him is all his stuff and the blue one to the left is Duncan's (spinningfishwifes son)

Helping load the bus before departure!

And they are off!

Does he look upset..........NO. So obviously there was no need for all the crap I put myself through! But thats what being a mother is all about....I suppose.

Its now evening and the house is really quiet, no incessant Ronan chatter and no fighting between the gruesomes either......just peace and quiet!!!! Robert isn't saying much, but I think he is missing him too. We have actually changed the computer wallpaper to one of just Ronan (just for this week!).....Is that sad, or is that sad? (It was Roberts suggestion)

I've had time to reflect on the last 2 days and I now know why I was feeling like I was yesterday. Its that ever since Ronan has been able to talk (and boy he CAN talk), no matter where he or I have been we have been able to talk to each other at some point in the day. However that is not the case here, we are not allowed to contact them whilst they are away. Yes we can write to them, in fact the school has encouraged us to do that, so as soon as I have finished here I will write to him. Robert says he will draw him a picture too. Ronan is off with a stamped addressed envelope and some paper so he can write to us too!!!! I'll look forward to receiving that!

OK better go and find a pen that works and some paper......or I could just do it on the computer, save looking for a pen!


Blogger Robin said...

I hope Ronan has a great time...I know my kids broke my heart the first day of school when they didn't hesitate to get on the bus, nor did they shed one single tear...and I was blubbering like an idiot!

9:23 pm  

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