Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, here we are into the middle of November and the weather has turned decidedly horrible. Yes today, was the first really terrible day we have had.....wind and rain....yeuch.

However, I have not allowed this to get me down as over the past 2-3 days there have been a few things that have delighted me!

One being the look of sheer delight on Robert's face when he received an email from "Santa's daughter" with a pic of "The Man Himself" for him!!!!. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with my camera to take the reaction..........

This follows on from my previous post! He now has his list all typed out and ready to send off!!!! Oh the innocence of a child. I hope it will last for a few years yet...Well I can live in hope!

The second thing that delighted me was when I took a couple of knitted Christmas Tree decorations up to the rugby club on Sunday to see if they would sell to help raise funds for the kids Tour to Ayr in April 2008. Heck I sold all the ones I took up and so far have an order for a further 30+ (and there were hardly any parents around!!!)

These are miniatures of the rugby club tops -
Home = Navy and white
Away = White and Navy

This is the "Santa" ones I made. I also sold all I had and took an other 10+ orders for them.

Now I just have to work out when I'm going to find the time to knit them all...But I will!

Lastly, tonight, Ronan has been chosen to go forward to the East Lothian Under 12 Basketball Trials on Monday 3rd Dec. When I saw him talking to his coach after training tonight, I thought he was getting into trouble, so I was ready to give him hell about not behaving and how he should know better etc.....You get the picture! However his coach came to talk to me after and said that over the past 5-6 weeks they have been watching and selecting the most promising players from their squad to go forward. Ronan is 1 of 4 to be chosen. The coach also said that Ronan has been selected to be Team Captain for this season as he had proven during the games they played last Friday to be the only one who could control the game.....personally I think its coz he shouts and screams louder than the rest of the team!!!!Needless to say he is walking on air and feels 10 foot tall.....I only hope he doesn't come down with an almighty crash on the 3rd! As you can gather, he's not the only one who is pleased with his selection :)

Since this is a knitting blog........Look what I got this week!

A skein of 100% Merino from the Yarn Yard! Yummy!!!!


Blogger Robin said...

AWESOME!! You don't know how much it delights my Dad to be a "Star" in the eyes of so many children! I'm so glad to make Robert's day/week/holiday!
Way to go Ronan!!
Cute little ornaments!

12:51 am  

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