Sunday, November 04, 2007

The things children ask...........

Yesterday Robert and I were having one of THOSE conversations that all parents dread, well I do anyway. The kinda conversation that can go either way, with a profound statement at the beginning and you are not sure where its going to end. Our conversation went like this:

Robert: Mum, see Christmas and Santa?

Me: Yessss??? (Wondering what is coming next!)

Robert: Well, Mum, I believe in Santa.

Me: (Huge sigh of relief)That's good, coz it'll soon be Christmas.

Robert: You know why I believe in Santa, Mum?

Me: No,Why?

Robert: Coz he's Robin's dad!

Me: (Trying desperately not to laugh out loud with relief) That's right, Robert, Robin's Dad is Santa.

Robert: Do you think he has a car or reindeer and a sleigh?

Me: I'm sure he has a car, but maybe he has a sleigh for if its snowing!

Robert: Mum?

Me: Yes?

Robert: Can you email Robin and ask?

Me: Why don't you email her, you have her address?

Robert: She's your friend, you ask her!

Me: OK!

The innocence of an eight year old....but for how much longer I ask?

BTW, I haven't emailed Robin, but maybe when she reads this she will let me know and I can pass the message on to Robert!


Blogger Robin said...

Oh how adorable...If he wants to send him a letter I'll send you his address. Love ya Robert & Ronan!!

12:47 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

That's just plain adorable.

1:55 am  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

My mum told me when I began to question it that if Santa wasn't real he wouldn't be coming so I still believe....mind you he stopped coming anyway!

8:30 pm  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Robin told me about ya'll's conversation!!! Her dad is the "real deal!" Hope you and all of your fellas have a merry one!

1:53 pm  

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