Thursday, November 29, 2007

Counting the sleeps!

Robert has been totally at a loss this week without Ronan around. He has even had to rope David into playing PS2 with him! That was funny listening to Robert giving his Dad instructions on how to play the games, then getting totally frustrated when David couldn't do it quick enough!!!

He has been OK in the short period before he goes to school and up till tea (dinner) time, but when he's been getting tired that's when he seems to miss him most. However he has had a couple of small treats to compensate for Ronan being away... like a Burger King for tea and a couple of cheap books on offer at Lidl.

This morning he had a big grin on his face and announced.....Only one sleep left till Ronan comes home......Bless!

A letter arrived this morning from Ronan, he says he is having fun but he didn't like the pasta he had for tea!!!!! Oh well...I'm sure he'll survive! At that point they had been skiing and hill walking.No indication if he had been cold or wet!!!!!

As you can see from this pic taken in the garden, they are really close. Yes they have their moments and fight like cat and dog, but on the whole they get on really well and are well behaved children.

BTW, that's the Firth of Forth behind the boys and at high tide it comes right up to the sand below the fence! That's how close I live to the sea! In the background you can see Fisherrow Harbour and the other end of Musselburgh and the twin chimneys is Cockenzie Power Station.

OK one more sleep and then we can return to "normal".......noise and chaos!


Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Mairi isn't missing big brother much at all...she's spent all her spare time drawing and glueing in peaceful solitude. No-one to nick her scissors!

6:50 pm  

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