Friday, February 22, 2008

Fitness Fanatic!

Not me, before you think I have totally lost it! Fitness is not really my thing, should be, but need to loose weight before I go there!!!!

For the past few months Ronan has been driving me mad, since the local councils have put together fitness sessions in the gym for 12-15 year olds. So when he turned 12 last week we got him booked into his first supervised gym session. He was shown how to use the treadmill, rowing machine, stepper, and bike. Next week they get to do some weights (not free weights) and build up their confidence, experience and times on the gym equipment. The course is 10 hourly supervised sessions then they sit a test at the end, where they prove to the instructor they can use the gym and equipment safely, responsibly and competently. Once they have achieved this they can commence unsupervised sessions. He said he really enjoyed it, but his legs were a bit wobbly when he came off the treadmill!!!!!!! He is booked in for his second session at 3pm next Friday.

It seems he is taking getting fitter for going up to S1 rugby very serious indeed. Next season they start to play on a full size rugby pitch, so there will be a lot more running around so the team will have to up their fitness levels as at the moment a few of them would struggle. If he keeps up his swimming club 2/3 times a week, his basketball and gym sessions, he will be "supper fit" by the start of the S1 season in August!!!!

Maybe I need to get back on the programme and join him in the gym. (BTW I actually used to enjoy doing my gym sessions!!!!!)


Blogger Robin said...

Hey, Ronan can be your workout buddy!! Sounds like a great program for Ronan (and all kids) to get into!

5:07 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

I'm going to shut up now. I had hot chocolate and a Cadbury Creme egg for breakfast. Fitness fanatics of the world, don't look at me!

2:39 pm  

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