Friday, November 21, 2008

In the middle of the night!

Here I am, sitting at my laptop at 4.26 am. What am I doing up and on the computer at that time for? Well I'm at work and all the guys are asleep in bed and as things are settled at the moment, I decided to use this time to catch up on some computer "stuff"! I have been doing some spreadsheets for the rugby club, comparing last years figures to this years figures....depressing reading! Then I did some WWI and WWII war grave research for a project I am working on, which I will probably be working on for a long time to come, but worth it in the end, I hope. I also spent some time on Ravelry and Knitty, something I don't have time to do very often any more.I even managed to catch up on some "blog" reading, which I also have been neglecting of late.

In the time I have been sitting here the gritter has gone past the unit on 3 separate occasions, I'm almost frightened to look out the window to see how frosty it is. I hate driving in the winter, especially with snow and ice.I had several bad experiences the first winter I learned to drive (20+ years ago!)and that has made me very very wary.

Tonight is my 4th night on in a row and I am really tired. Thankfully I am off tomorrow, but I have a very busy next few days. I suppose it didn't help that I had both the boys off school ill on Monday and Tuesday and didn't get much sleep on Tuesday because of it. Ronan had "man flu" and boy did he milk it! Bless!!!!! He was really ill, he had a temp of over 40 degrees and had, according to him, really bad aches and pains. He was doing an awful lot of moaning and groaning and looking for lots of TLC. Which he got initially, but then the noise begun to get to me! Eventually he fell asleep and we all got a reprieve for a while! Bob he just took to his bed and slept, which is usually a good indicator that he is ill, coz he doesn't sleep alot normally. I had to take Bob to the Dr a few days prior to this as he had developed a nasty rash between his shoulderblades. It was weird, weepy in places and crusty in others, he said it wasn't itchy but was sore to touch. It started out like a small spot of dry skin then seemed to grow. The Dr said it was a flare up of his eczeama which had become infected....didn't look like any eczeama I had seen! This is what it looked like when I took him to see the Dr. He got antibiotic cream and medicine to take and so far it seems to be clearing up. The downside for him was that he wasn't allowed to go swimming and that night was the swimming club championships. He was really disappointed that he didn't get to swim, there will always be next year! Both the boys have been chosen to represent the swimming club in a Presidents select competition on 5th Dec, so fingers crossed all will be well by then.

Oh well better go and check that the guys are all still asleep, then time for a coffee I think!


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(BOY..I'm behind on my blog reading!)
I'm sorry to hear about Ronan and the flu, hope you don't get it!

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