Sunday, April 30, 2006

Big day today.........

Today is a big day for the kids, well I suppose it is for me too, not only as a parent but as one of P3 team coaches. Today is the Musselburgh Mini Section Rugby Tournament.....One of the main events in our year. The kids are all fired up and ready to go and its still just gone 8am.....They don't kick off till 12 noon!!!!!!

I suppose they are all fired up after last weeks wins.

Robert and the rest of his P3 team mates won their first ever tournament at a neighbouring club in Portobello. You have to remember that this team is made up predominately of P2's which means that most of the team are only 6 years old and consistently are playing against kids who are 7 or 8.
Here is Robert with his winning medal sitting in our club house.

Ronan and the rest of the Mini teams from P4 up to P7 were playing at an other tournament at Murrayfield Wanderers in Edinburgh, which was played on pitches in the shadow of Murrayfield, Scotlands' National Rugby Stadium. Musselburgh won all age groups in this tournament much to the kids, coaches and parents delight.

Here is Ronan (2nd from the left in the middle row)with the rest of the winning P5 team and their coaches. Murrayfield Stadium is in the background. The P5 team has two girls in it, they are Jenny (3rd from left in front row) and Amanda (3rd from right in front row) and believe me they go in harder than most of the boys!!!! They are both brilliant players and its great to see girls playing rugby. (There isn't too many of them around)

Good luck to all the teams who are playing at Musselburgh today.


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