Sunday, April 30, 2006

Go Mussie Go

Two posts in one day! (and neither about knitting, both about the kids rugby!!!!!)

Well Musselburgh Rugby Club (Mini Section) had an other brilliant day today. It was their own tournament and we had teams from North Berwick, Preston Lodge, Lasswade and Stirling County participating at most levels from primary 4 up to primary 7 (8 years to 11 years)and the primary 3 teams had their own tournament where everyone won and they received a certificate of participation. Basically the younger ones just had a festival of fun and left the more serious stuff to the bigger kids!!!!

Unfortunately I didn't see too much of the rugby, despite being one of the P3 coaches coz I was stuck on the "Hook-a-duck" stall, where we had a small pool of water with some plastic ducks with small rings on their tails so they could be hooked out of the pool with hooks on sticks. It proved to be a great attraction for the kids, and I only had one person fall in, but he managed to do it twice!!!!! We also had a tombolla stall, a cake stall, a sweet stall (for the kids) and a burger stall. We had a great turn out and even the sun graced us with its company all afternoon which was great!!!! OK back to the rugby........

Robert played a stormer as team captain, even if he did get disheartened at times coz his team weren't doing as he asked, but I suppose that's to be expected coz they are predominately 6 years old.

He was really pleased coz at the end of it he received the "Man of the match" trophy.

Here he is with the trophy outside the clubhouse!!!!!

I managed to see some of Ronan's games as they were playing nearer the stall! He did score a few tries, including this one.( The picture was taken by Mr Spinning Fishwife).
The pads on his knees were for protection coz the ground was so hard and he might have been hurt when he landed at speed, as seen below when he scored this try!!!

Ronan was once again in the winning P5 team. This is the second week running Musselburgh have won at all age groups from P4 to P7 in a tournament. Musselburgh also won The Robin MacLaine Shield, this is awarded to the team with the most points for all the ages combined, we had 43 points.

Here they both are outside the club house, Robert with his "Man of the Match" trophy and Ronan with his P5 winners medal. Both with blue and white hair, as seems to be a bit of a tradition with the kids at the tournaments and when away on tour!!!!

I promise I'll write about knitting next time!!!! Unfortrunately I haven't had much time for doing that this week as I seem to have been busy with other things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of handsome guys you've got there...are those team colors? My 9 yr old would love rugby -- kind of a ruffian's game here in the states. He plays soccer (football to you, no?) and doesn't think there's enough going on...Basketball is better.

your SP8

2:30 am  

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