Saturday, July 29, 2006


Wey hey, I managed to get "rid" of the kids up to my parents last week!!!!!!
With the weather being really wonderful DH and I took the opportunity to go out for the odd beer or three after work without having to worry what the kids were up to........FREEDOM/BLISS!

Its the school summer holidays here in Scotland and granny and granda wanted to have their "fix" of the kids over the summer (without DH or I), so last week DH took them off on the train from Edinburgh to Montrose where they were met by my father. They spent the last week "up north", in the Royal Burgh of Inverbervie, just south of Aberdeen being totally spoiled!!!!!!

They helped granny with the garden. Here is Robert busy filling the watering can so she can water the flowers. (Under the supervision of granda!!!!!)

Here is Ronan with granda, neither doing very much!!!!!!

The weather was great and they spent a lot of time in the inflatable pool in the back yard. They also went down to the beach, which is rocky, so they caught lots of small fish and crabs in the rock pools. Robert was disappointed that he didn't catch one big enough to eat!!!! My parents are both keen lawn bowlers so they took them down to the bowling green to have a few games of bowls, which they both seemed to enjoy. They also spent a day at Stonehaven, where they built sand castles on the beach and had ice cream at the harbour. On an other day they all went walking along the disused railway line to Gourdon, this is the village I lived in till I left home at the age of 16. (and where my blog gets its name!!!!!!!)

They both spent a really brilliant evening in the company of my niece Keira and her horse Laddie.

Here is Ronan being lead by my sister-in-law. Ronan has had some riding lessons in the past but he's not too keen on them. But he does enjoy the odd ride on Laddie.

Robert on the other hand is usually terrified of all animals, just loves Laddie and gets all excited when he knows he is going to see him. This is only the second time on a horse and he would just love to have riding lessons so I guess that's something I need to investigate!

Here they both are feeding one of the Shetland ponies which is also kept at the same stables as Laddie.

I went to collect them on Wednesday and stayed over till the Thursday so I could also spend some time with my parents. I also managed to spend some time with my granny, who is 91.

We arrived home on the Thursday just in time to have dinner and go to the rugby. Me, I was quite happy to spend the evening just chilling, but the kids insisted on going to the rugby as they had missed it!!!!!

Did I miss the kids when they were away.........YES, did they miss me..........Who knows?


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Looks like they had a very, very good time with their grandparents, nice way to spend the holidays methinks they are a lucky pair.

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