Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thank you SP8

I came home yesterday after being shopping to discover I had missed the mailman by all of 5 mins. He had tried to deliver a package, but no one was in, so I had to wait till today to go and collect it. It was from my SP8 who lives in St Louis Missouri (according to the label!!!)and I was all excited about getting it. I took it with me to DH's work as I was having lunch with him and the kids today.

When I opened the box I found an envelope on top. It had a card inside with a £10 note. My SP had been on holiday in the UK fairly recently and had this left over so she sent it to me, along with special instructions to buy yarn, I think I'll manage to do that!!!!!!!
Everything was wrapped up in tea towels so not only did I get all the goodies enclosed in the box I also got 4 new tea towels....What a great idea.

When I pealed back the towels there was lots of wonderful surprises in store for me.

2 balls of "Noro" Silk Garden in 234 colour way, a set of the most beautifully smooth "Lantern Moon" rosewood straight needles in size 5mm, and a set of 3 Americana zipped bags by Sharif.

I dug a bit deeper and found .......

a box of cards (with pictures of chocolates on them), a pattern for a short row scarf, a packet of point protectors for circular needles, a Boye circular stitch holder, a tin with 100 assorted safety pins, 2 bars of handcrafted soaps by Morgan Naas of Morgan's Naked soaps (one was unscented and the other smells of yummy chocolate!!!!!) and last but by no means least a packet of "Reeses" pieces - peanut butter candy in a crunchy shell. (Which the kids helped me eat this afternoon, well it WAS raining and we were bored. Not that we need an excuse to eat chocolate!!!!!) You can also see the 4 tea towels in this picture.

What a wonderful package..............Thank you, thank you, thank you SP8.


Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Wow! We like the look of that very much indeed. Especially those needles, they look lush.

9:10 am  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

Wow indeed, this looks like a fabulous parcel. Silk Garden is fab isn't it and it's great to have really nice needles

9:31 pm  
Blogger Ann said...

Glad you've gotten the package and that you're happy. So much fun to spoil you even if I am terrible at the cloak and dagger thing... Also fun to get to know you!

12:06 am  
Blogger The Knit Nurse said...

Cool package. I think it adds extra frustrating suspense when you know you've got a parcel but ou can't collect it because the postman is still driving round with it in his van. Did you manage to keep from opening it in the post office?

7:29 am  
Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Nice package there Shonze...... fnar.

9:12 am  
Anonymous Morgan Naas said...

I hope you enjoyed the "naked soaps." I have more than 20 varieties available. You have a group of wonderful friends, I can tell my your blog.

4:03 pm  

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