Friday, February 09, 2007

What a difference a day makes.......

The snow arrived in my part of East Lothian on Wednesday night. We don't usually get much snow as we are so close to the sea. (I really must take a pic from my kitchen window one day and show you just how close to the sea I am!)

This was taken from my bedroom window at approx 1am on Thursday morning........

.....and this one was taken from the same window at approx 1am on Friday morning! As I said we don't get much snow here and what little we get doesn't hang around for long...Thank goodness, as I don't like snow much, especially if I have to go out in it!

OK what has been happening this week in the gourdongirl household. Not much, thankfully coz I have been a tad under the weather this week. So much so I have not been at work, not been near the computer and not doing much knitting.....So yes I must have been ill! I have had a head cold, but boy has it floored me. I haven't been out of the house since Sunday, in fact I haven't been out of PJ's all week I have felt so bad. I just don't seem to be able to shift it, I have tried and am currently trying all sorts of "over the counter" cold and flu remedies. I'm sure if you shook me I'd rattle, I've taken so much (but within the limits), however I think my head would explode if you shook me!!!! DH has been very attentive, keeping me well stocked with hot drinks, tissues etc. The kids are even managing to keep the noise levels down and giving me plenty of cuddles, especially Robert, Ronan is "getting too big" he says, but still sneaks one in occasionally, when no one is around to see!!!!

This is the only thing I have managed to produce this week, and I did them last night. Yesterday was the first day that a) My hands didn't hurt and b) I actually could be bothered to do anything and c) It was the first time I had been able to concentrate on this oh so easy pattern!

Boring bit coming up! They are knitted from 1 x 50g ball of Regia Ringels, 75% wool, 25% polyamide, 30sts x 42 rows and 210m/230yards per 50g ball.

I think I will start an other pair of sox today, so need to go "shopping" in the stash for some yarn...................................................


Blogger Robin said...

Hope you feel better soon...but aren't you taking the whole International Pajama Day to the extreme? Just need to stay in bed and be catered to!!!
Love those socklets!!

1:35 pm  
Blogger Mickey said...

My post just disappeared :(

Hope you're feeling better, there's a parcel on it's way :)

6:25 pm  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

Hope you are feeling better. I find that colds knock me back much more nowadays. is it my age??????

11:34 pm  
Blogger The Knit Nurse said...

Hope you continue feeling better and are back to normal soon. There's been some nasty bugs around.

Your snow looks similar to ours. It wasn't even trying I don't think. More fun to give all those Southerners a hard time. ;)

9:38 am  
Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Hope you are feeling better now!

10:57 am  

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