Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Constant companions and "soul" food!

As many of you know gourdongirl has not been feeling 100% over the last 10 days or so. Suffice to say I think we are now getting to grips with whatever virus/bug invaded my body and are now on the mend.....Well at least I hope I am! I still feel as if I have razor blades in my throat and have a nasty hacking cough, but the snotty nose, constant headache and fever appear to have nearly gone. However I have had several constant companions over the last few days and I'd like them to take a bow!

Please put your hands together for......... Cavonia(cough bottle), Sudafed (decongestant), Vit C, Strepsils(throat soothers), Lemsip Max cold and flu(paracetamol and hot lemon drink), E45 lip balm, Olbas oil (for steaming), Olbas inhaler and last but not least tissues by the box load!

This is basically what I have lived on over the past week or so, my "soul" food and staple standby when I'm ill........I give you Heinz tomato soup!!!!!!

Having said all that the biggest THANK YOU has to go to my DH, coz without him I don't know how I would have coped. He has administered to my every need,from reminding me every 4 - 6 hours to take my various pills and potions, made me several hundred hot drinks, ensured I had a hot water bottle and enough blankets to keep me warm and toasty, went to the pharmacy to get new supplies of the various pills and potions, ensured I had enough soup to keep me going, listened to me sneezing, coughing, spluttering and moaning for 24/7. All this with very little complaint from him. He cooked and saw to the kids, making sure they got to the various after school things they needed to be at etc.

So a BIG thanks needs to go to him, and the kids, who actually remained quiet during the worst of this dreaded lurgy!


Blogger spinndiva said...

GET BETTER!!!!! I am so sorry to hear you are sick.. I don't ever catch you in chat anymore....well wishes from us here to you there!!!
and hugses!

12:36 am  
Blogger mmStyle said...

Feel better! So glad your DH is taking good care of you! Yeah DH! Bad razorblades in the throat...ugh, the image.


6:24 am  
Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Aw dude. Sounds like we've been suffering the same evil germs. Mine is on the way out now, thankfully, just in time for a knitting weekend with some mates up in the hills. Heinz tomato soup comes into its own on these occasions methinks. Nice to know that your DH was taking good care of you and the boys.

8:32 am  
Blogger Robin said...

Get Better SOON! I'm going to take stock of your med-stash...I'm beginning to feel crappy!

1:35 pm  

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