Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tournament season!

Oh boy, today was the start of the rugby tournament season, which sees us attending several different tournaments over the next few weeks. There are several tournaments which we attend over the season (August - May), but the last few weeks are always the busiest and most stressful!!!

Today was our own tournament which was held at Musselburgh Rugby Club. There were teams taking part from North Berwick RFC, Lasswade RFC and Preston Lodge RFC.

All our guys were up for playing some good rugby and the sun was shining so what more could we ask for?

The P3's (under 8's) had their own sub-tournament, where all teams came out winners.

The P4's (under 9's) played well and won 1, drew 1 and lost 1, making them runners up, with North Berwick coming out winners.

Here is Robert (in the middle with the red boots) tackling one of the Preston Lodge players!

The P5's(under 10's) were well up for it, especially after their win at the
Scottish International Festival of Rugby a few weeks ago. Again they played brilliantly and came away as winners.

The P6's (under 11's) came out fighting after losing in the final at the Scottish International Festival of Rugby a few weeks ago. Guess what they weren't runners up this week. Yes they were the winners.

Here is Ronan (with the white bandages on his knees) tackling a Preston Lodge player. Why does he have bandages on his knees......well the ground is so hard I put Vaseline on his knees and then some stretchy bandages for protection. (Keeps the knees from being skinned and well as clean!)

The P7's (under 12's) in their last year in the mini section were looking for a win too, but unfortunately they were runners up to, once again the North Berwick team.

We had managed to arrange for Dougie Hall and Alan McDonald, 2 Edinburgh Rugby players to hand out the medals and trophies.

Robert and Ronan with Dougie and Alan. Yes Bob has THAT trophy again! He played a stormer and tackled like a demon so he won "Man of the match" as well as a runners-up medal! Ronan is hanging on tightly to his rugby ball as both Dougie and Alan signed it for him.

Today is our BIG fund raiser so we have lots of stuff going on, from "hook-a-duck"(Hook-a-Duck is a game usually played by children, whereby small plastic ducks are placed in a bath of water. The players then have to 'hook a duck' using a piece of bamboo with an eyelet in the end: the ducks all have hooks on their backs. Sometimes a small prize is given, other times the number painted on the bottom of the duck determines whether you have won or not.), tombola(bottle stall), cake/candy stall, teas/coffees and a BBQ with both burgers and steaks. Its thanks to a huge army of volunteers that today can actually happen. Yesterday we were all at the club making up food bags for all the teams taking part, sorting through stuff for the tombola, and baking things for the cake stall. Today we were all there bright and early to set everything up and then clear it all away at the end of the day.

A good day was had by all and now I'm about to go to bed coz I'm absolutely shattered!


Blogger Robin said...

AWESOME!!! Way to go boys!! Congratulations...Mom, I know you are so proud!

12:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done boys!

Parcel #3 is packed and ready to be posted tomorrow. I hope you can wait...

I'm sure you know who I am by now?

8:34 am  

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