Thursday, May 03, 2007

A "secret" package arrives

I meant to post about this wonderful package last week, but with work and rugby commitments this is the first chance that I have actually had to sit down at the computer long enough to post about it.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful secret pal, who has totally spoiled me rotten,and according to her there is yet an other package on its way. I guess gourdongirl needs to start stalking the mailman again!

In the package was some wonderful 4ply by Jaeger in a grape colour, a skein of Rowan 4ply in blue and one in black/grey. There was also a skein of ? aran weight and one of ? lace weight in what I think might be her own hand spun and dyed yarn, also in a grape coulour. It is so soft and yummy, I must confess to fondling it ALOT! I'm not sure what all that yummy yarn will turn out to be, but once it "talks to me" you will all find out!

Also in the package was a selection of Koolaid sachets so that I can experiment with dying. I'll need to buy some undyed yarn first so I can do that. Dying my own is something I have never been brave enough to try......One day I will! There was also some nappy pins for holding small amounts of stitches, 2 sheepy pencils for the boys and a packet of lambs whoopsies! (chocolate sweets!) I must admit that I didn't eat any of them, and that is definitely NOT like me, but since I returned to Weight Watchers I have been watching my chocolate intake, having said that I have it on VERY good authority that the lambs whoopsies were delicious.... Yes the boys got them!

As I said earlier, a BIG thank you goes to my secret pal who has been really wonderful. I think I know who she is, but I'm looking forward to the big reveal to see if I have guessed right!

On the knitting front I have done a bit more of the border on my Civil War Shawl. This is taking ages, in fact I knitted the main body of the shawl in less time! I have also just finished knitting a sock. However I have lost the other ball of yarn, so will have to delay starting the next one. I know it is in the house somewhere!! I promise to take some pix and post them soon.

Well I weighed in at "fat club" this morning and despite having a tricky weekend for food, I still managed to loose 3lb, so that brings my total so far to 9lbs in 2 weeks! This weekend will be an other tricky one as I am helping out at the Musselburgh 7's rugby competition on Saturday and on Sunday the boys have an other rugby tournament. However as long as I watch what I'm doing and factor in all my indiscretions I should be OK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait for your last parcel before buying some plain yarn.....

6:45 am  
Anonymous mazzam said...

Are there a lot of calories in lamb's whoopsies then? I'd have thought they were mostly fibre.:)
Fabulous yarn bundle!

9:44 pm  

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