Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well that's it!

Yes, that's it.......The rugby season is finished till 19th August! Yiphee FREE Sunday afternoons from now till then! Hey don't get me wrong I LOVE being involved with the kids rugby, but sometimes it gets a tad tedious, especially when its pouring with rain and howling a gale and boy there seems to have been a lot of Sundays like that this season!

We had our presentation night last Friday, which went well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids had fun. Unfortunately no "Player of the Year" or "Most improved player" trophies came home to take up residence in gourdongirls cabinet this year! However both boys have won several medals which have moved in to the cabinet to reside with the ones won in previous seasons.

Here are some pix of the boys in action from their last tournament of the season at Preston Lodge.

Ronan running into support the guy with the ball. (He's the one in blue and white, just behind the guy on the ground!)

Ronan after collecting his runners up medal at the Preston Lodge tournament.

Robert running up the wing with the ball in the hope of scoring yet an other try for Musselburgh!

Yup, you guessed it......It was raining at the Preston Lodge tournament and here's a pic of the "Mud Magnet" to prove it!

That's it, no more rugby pix till the season starts again.........I promise!

The boys have also been doing basketball on a Monday after school, but that finishes next week!!! They had been doing it on a Tuesday at Musselburgh Sports Centre, but a few new boys started and they just wanted to play around and didn't listen to the coach, as a result the whole class spent most of the hour doing punishment exercises because of them so I moved them to an other class and they just love it!

Now that the basketball and rugby have finished for a few months I've had to look for something else for the boys to do to keep them active over the summer. DH has just started coaching tennis to kids at the local tennis club on a Saturday morning, so they have been going along with him and they both seem to enjoy that. Robert has just started swimming lessons on a Tuesday, which he is also enjoying. Hopefully we will do a regular swim session on a Monday after school, which will help Robert learn quicker and Ronan can do lengths to improve his fitness and swimming times.I'm saying "we" as if it will be me doing the swim session, but its not, it's my friend Fran who will be going into the pool with the kids. I refuse to buy a swim suit till I loose some more weight! Fran's son, Lewis will swim along with Ronan and I think Duncan, spinningfishwifes son is coming along too.


Blogger Flossie said...

Your grand weight loss has inspired me. I went to my first weight watchers meeting last Tuesday. Wish me luck for next week's weigh-in!

Alice x

7:23 pm  
Blogger mazzam again said...

Bet your washing machine heaves a sigh of relief when summer comes around!

9:55 pm  

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