Friday, June 01, 2007

Belated thankx

This post is really a "Catch up" post, as I have not been very good at sending thankx to people who have been kind to me and sent me packages. Really there is no major excuse for it, apart from having been really busy at work and not spending a lot of time on the computer. I haven't even been sending many emails.....Yes Mam I will get round to sending you the links and pix I promised you weeks ago!!!

This package arrived a few weeks ago from Stariel, one of my "knitty" buddies. We did a swap and she sent me some amazing koigu sock yarn in purple colours. I have never knitted with koigu and am looking forward to doing so as it feels just wonderful. In the package there was some wonderful mint chocolate which I ate as a treat over several nights..... Believe me THAT was not an easy task! THANK YOU * THANK YOU * THANK YOU

Then a few days later this package arrived from Robin in Virginia. In the package was a pair of medium sock blockers, a lovely trinket box with a ladybug and a 4 leafed clover on the lid and when you open it it says "Good friends, good health, good luck" and a packet of Weight Watchers peanut crunch candy. Yummy, but still not as good as Reeses Peanut butter cups, but these not allowed on my WW plan!!!!!

Right I think that's all my thank yous done. If I have forgotten any one I'm sorry, I must have just had a "senior moment"!!!!

OK, what have I been knitting........Well I'm still doing the border on the Civil War Shawl....still a long way to go with that. I keep meaning to take a pic, but I keep forgetting when I have it out of the bag!

As you can see I've also been busy knitting sox. Usually at this point I would bore you with all the details, but "off the top of my head" and after 8 night shifts in a row I can't remember! They all have there ball bands, so when the time comes to make labels I will know all the pertinent details!

Right I have kept the best news till last, well at least I think its the best news. How have I been getting on at Weight Watchers? Well some of you know, but others don't! I have deliberately not posted about it every week coz it gets boring after a while so I have decided just to post a monthly update, on or after the last Thursday of the month.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..............................................Over the last 6 weeks since I joined Weight Watchers I have managed to loose a staggering 22 lbs! Yes, that's right 22 lbs! I know I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm on the right road. When I started Weight Watchers I decided to set my self a mini goal and loose 42 lbs before going on holiday to Ireland on the 10th August. I still have 10 weeks till then and only 20 lbs of my target to go, so all being well, if I keep going as I have I might even exceed that goal. However if I don't reach it I won't be disappointed.....................................HELL, YES I WILL BE, so I'd better stay focused and then I will achieve it.


Blogger Batty said...

22 pounds! Wow, color me impressed!

3:34 pm  
Blogger cate said...

You can do it!!!! I am so proud of you that you lost that weight. Maybe, someday for me..........

7:33 pm  
Blogger Nickerjac said...

Way to go !!!!!

6:57 am  
Blogger mmStyle said...

Hooray for you!

9:14 am  
Blogger mazzam again said...

WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!! Inspired,
I have joined up too, there is a lunch time class in Nottingham but I can only get weighed as the timing is wrong for me to stay. It's my first weigh in tomorrow but I have the feeling I haven't done too well. I have answered your tag though.

7:16 pm  

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