Sunday, February 24, 2008

Early morning wake-up call

I was lying asleep this morning when I was rudely awakened by the frantic ringing of my front doorbell. Didn't know what time it was, but knew it was early as it was still dark outside. Got out of bed quicker than DH and went to the door. I know I shouldn't have opened it, but due to the frantic ringing I thought my elderly neighbour was having problems and needed help. However when I opened the door (a small crack) I realised it wasn't my neighbour but some young guy totally "out of it". Thankfully I had my foot behind the door so he couldn't push his way in, which he was trying to do. I told him he was at the wrong house and pushed the door closed, unfortunately he was still pressing on the doorbell and woke the kids up, but I managed to get the door closed with not much effort.

It wasn't till I put the light on that I realised it was only 6am!!!! Decided to contact the police coz I didn't know where he had gone and I wasn't going out to look! As I was on the phone to them, I was told there was an other call coming in from one of my neighbours about him.

Shortly after I came of the phone the police arrived and on looking out the window we saw them bundling him into the back of their van. It turns out he had walked into one of the other flats in the block (they had stupidly left their door open all night!!!!!!!)and had lay down behind their door and gone to sleep. Thank goodness my door is locked all the time, THAT would have totally freaked me out! Thankfully the boys didn't know what was going on, despite being woken by the incident.

Oh well, alls well that ends well!


Blogger Robin said...

OMG....I guess you were freaked out, I know I would be!!

5:00 pm  

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