Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black eyes and Sleeping Beauty!

Yesterday Ronan was playing in a school rugby game. Unfortunately I couldn't attend, so don't really know what happened. However I got the call that all parents dread....your son has been injured! Hell its rugby, its a physical game, so you kinda expect the odd knock, but still you dread the call that this knock might be a serious knock. Thankfully it wasn't THAT serious, but serious enough that the hospital wouldn't let us leave for several hours! He'd taken an other knock to the head, but this time he DIDN'T get up from the bottom of the pile of bodies. When the parents who were watching got to him (one was his rugby coach) he was a bit groggy, confused and his legs refused to work properly, so they carried him off. (No mean feat as he is a "solid" lad!). They found an ice pack for the side of his eye/head, which by this time was looking like he was doing an impression of the "elephant man", and kept him warm. When he had come "round" a bit more they had to get permission to take a car to the side of the pitch to remove him to the changing rooms to get his stuff to come home. When I finally got him he hadn't a clue what was going on , who he was or where he was.....SCARY STUFF. That and the fact he was walking as if he was drunk made me think he needed checked out, so I bundled him into the car and off to the Hospital we went. I had to literally carry him into A+E as he was so unsteady on his feet.Thankfully after several hours of tests, observations and head X-Rays they allowed us home. He seems to be more or less his usual annoying (lovable) self today, only he has a beautiful swollen, black left eye, that he is having problems seeing out of!!!
This was taken this morning before it closed completely!He's still getting headaches, but thankfully no nausea and vomitting. A couple of the parents who were at the game have called to ask after Ronan, but they can't shed any light on the event either and Ronan has no clue as to what happened from a few minutes before it till he came round with people standing over him!!!!!

On to happier things! I went to the Panto tonight (Oh yes I did!) with Bob to see Sleeping Beauty at the Brunton Hall in Musselburgh. IT WAS BRILLIANT! I haven't been at a Panto for years so wasn't sure what to expect from a "local" production. MAGIC. I had forgotten just how much fun pantos are. Ronan isn't a big fan, not since he got scared witless when he was 4 and had to leave before it actually started! (he didn't come, wouldn't have done his street cred any good to have been seen at a panto with his mum and little brother!!)Bob had seen it earlier on in the week with the school and had raved about it so much that he wanted to see it again. Infact I think he would go back again if I could afford it!(So would I)


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It was a rough game, that one. D. was black and blue by the end of it. School rugby, eh?

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