Friday, August 18, 2006

The end is near........

Yup.....The school summer break is rapidly coming to an end!

Wooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo. Yes peace perfect peace, no kids constantly shouting "Mum, where's this.....?" "Mum, can I get......?" "Mum, can we go......?", or worse still shouting and fighting with each other! That really winds me up and I'm then on a "Fast Track" to loosing it! Having said that, I will miss them when they are in school.......ROFL at that, well I will, for all of about 10 mins, then it will be back to business as usual.

Thankfully we have had a brilliant summer, with hardly any rain....Very unusual for Scotland!!!!! We usually have some cinema visits planned, but this year we haven't been at all, well I think we went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean at the very start of the holiday, or maybe it was before they broke up....So long ago I can't remember.

Yesterday we went to Jimmy Chungs a Chinese restaurant in Grindly Street Edinburgh for lunch...Great value for money for the food, bit pricey for the fizzy drinks......

but the kids love it and even Bob can get something he likes! Here is Spinningfishwives kids, Mairi and Duncan, along with Ronan, Connor (Bobs' friend) and Bob.

It does a great "eat as much as you like" buffet for a set price. As far as the kids are concerned, as long as they eat some "proper food" i.e. chicken, ribs, veg, rice etc, they can have as much jelly, ice cream, cake, fruit salad as they like! Guess why the kids love it?

We had a BBQ at the rugby club on the last night of the summer "Tag Rugby", which was great fun.

We've visited various castles...............

and we even made it to the beach earlier this week!

Today the weather has broken and its raining......We were going to do a Treasure Hunt but we are going to the movies instead!


Anonymous Mazzam said...

So where did the summer go? Soon we'll be back to the journey to work taking 15 minutes longer and the return of the students...Nottingham has 2 universities and they all want to join the library and none of them have proof of their local address!!!

9:36 pm  

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