Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sheep Challenge.....

Beware.....Photo overload!

Woollywormhead has set a sheep challenge. You take pictures of sheep, but NOT real sheep! So I have hunted all over and come up with a few!

This one was taken when Spinningfishwife and I were down at Woolfest earlier this year. It's at the entrance where Woolfest was held. I was hanging out the car window taking this while we waited to get out at the junction.....So I had to be quick!

Here are my black sheep keyring which my knitty SP sent me and my white sheep keyring which I bought at Woolfest. Both usually hang from my knitting bag!

This is an other one of the black sheep!

Even the kids joined in the hunt for sheep and produced this playmobile lamb from the toy box!!!!!

Then I remembered my fimo Party Sheep bought off eBay from Wee Green Frog Arts.

Greetings from Scotland postcard with "Tartan and Saltire" sheep!

I found this one when I had a very quick look at the books on the kids shelves. This is "spring lamb" from My Farmyard Treasury.

and last but not least..............................

a sheep stencil found at DH's work!!!!

Oh well that's it for today's sheep hunt......Wonder what else I can come up with?


Blogger Rosie said...

I feel very outsheeped when I visit everyone's blogs at the moment. Must do some serious supermarket sheeping to catch up, methinks!

6:14 pm  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

First time I've seen this tag. I have sheep. Will round 'em up tomorrow. I love that post card.

9:28 pm  
Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Hehe! Poor Rosie, feeling deprived ;) Wondered if you'd be taking up the 'Sheep Challenge' - way to go!

10:45 pm  

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