Friday, August 11, 2006

Deutsche Post and US Mail!

Over the last few days I have received mail from my Knittyboard Secret Pal in Germany and my 1st set of stitch markers for the knittyboard stitch marker swap all the way from Paula in Newtown PA, USA.

Thank you Paula they are lovely. I just love the colours of the beads, especially the green ones.

(Sorry about the crap photo. After several attempts, it was the best I could get.)

I'm also intrigued by the construction you used to made them, I've never seen stitchmarkers made this way, they are magic.....Can be used on large or small needles, great. The small bag they came in is just the right size for keeping all my stitchmarkers together.

This wonderful package of goodies came from Lavender Goldfish. There was a Dusseldorf postmark so I am assuming (rightly or wrongly) that she comes from there!

In this great package was .................................................
a pair of hand knitted sox in the most amazing pattern and yarn, orange bath salts, 3 balls of grey 100% new wool by Gedifra, a packet of Leo Lausemous gummy sweets and a packet of Russisch Brot biscuits, as well as a card with fish on it.
I'm really looking forward to a relaxing bath tomorrow night with the bath salts....Why tomorrow night, well the kids are going on a sleep over and DH is going out for a drink with some friends!.....Peace and bliss!!
The kids and I enjoyed some of the fruit sweets and the biscuits as a snack this afternoon....Yummy!

Here is the amazing sox...........................................

They are amazing, the cuff has what looks like "Lilly of the Valley" with white bells and green stalks and leaves with a lavender background. I don't know how she managed this effect but it is beautiful. Thank you Lavender Goldfish.


Blogger Rosie said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous gifts. The stitchmarkers are so ingenious and as for the socks...good job I don't live near you, I'd be trying to sneak them away from you!

9:12 pm  
Blogger hobbitknitter said...

my guess as to the socks- probably a blended yarn (maybe wool and silk?), knitted, and then handpainted afterwards.

However she created them, they're absolutely breathtaking!

Great gifts! :)

4:03 am  
Anonymous glittrgirl said...

Lovely lovely socks! Lovely lovely stitch markers! Lucky lucky you!

5:57 am  
Anonymous Lavender Goldfish said...

Hobbitknitter is right, the socks are handpainted. :)

I can't remember if I sent washing instructions along, so here you go: It's a 80% superwash wool 20% nylon mix and you can treat it like any sockyarn.

8:57 am  
Anonymous Mazzam said...

How gorgeous. Those socks are really fanastic.

4:29 pm  

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