Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Dieter's Prayer

In my last post I was looking for inspiration to help me lose some weight. Then I remembered that at one point I had bought a card with a Dieter's poem on it, so off I went on a hunt for it and found it in the unit cupboard in the lounge. Some of you might have read it before, but I think its really good.

The Dieter's Prayer
Bless the bathroom scales Lord
each week as I step on.
Help me lose a stone or two and not put any on.
Keep me from temptation
from chocolate and from chips.
Keep my will power going just incase it slips.
Help me count the calories,
steer me away from sweets.
Keep my sweating palms away
from naughty fattening treats.
Keep me from the cake shop Lord
away from buns and crumpets,
and if a cake is in my hand
please give me strength to dump it.
Help me enjoy my salad,
and foods that make me slim.
Keep me on the "Low Fat" track,
so one day I'll be thin!
Well I hope that gives you some inspiration too!!!


Anonymous Marylyn said...

The menu in a local coffee shop asks if 'it's a coincidence that desserts is stressed spelt backwards!

9:45 pm  

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