Saturday, September 16, 2006

Even more sheepies

Yes guys, gourdongirl has been back on the hunt for more sheepies! I love this challenge! So prepare yourselves for sheepie pix overload!!

The first lot I found when I was wandering round the National Museum of Scotland the other day.

A postcard with multiple Dolly's!

Little and large sheep!

This "Flock of sheep" ornament could slot together to form this group, or be displayed separately

Yet an other sheep keyring to
add to my collection!

This I found whilst rummaging around in a box of stuff. I think its a baby's rattle mit.

Some "sheepie" cards which I found in the shop.

The one on the left is blank,
but the one on the right says "Bleatings form Edinburgh"

This one is my favourite, it says "I know that woolens need a COOL WASH but this is ridiculous!"

That was what I found at the museum. The rest are things I have around the house.

This is a card that one of the kids at work gave me went they went home.

Since I'm a collector of thimbles, I couldn't resist this one when it came up for sale on eBay recently. The top, with the sheep lifts off to reveal a "working" thimble.

This is a mug that I painted when I went to a ceramics workshop with the kids from work. I'm not very good at painting, but I think it kinda looks like a sheep!

Oh well that my sheep finds updated, till then next time!


Blogger Robin said...

GREAT Sheepie finds! I love the stuffed ones!

2:07 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

I have major catching up to do, I can see...

8:40 pm  

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