Sunday, September 17, 2006

I did it.

Over the past 2 Sundays I have been sitting in the MacPherson room in the 1925 suite at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium.

What have I been doing that for when I should have been watching the boys at rugby training? Well the rugby club sent me off to do a first aid course. We no longer had an official first aider for the mini section, so I guess I was the obvious choice coz I'd been doing it anyway, but to cover me with the clubs insurance I needed to do an official SRU course.

Last week we did all the practical and theory stuff and today we sat the exam. We had to do a practical, 2 written papers and an oral, and guess what? I got 100%, and now I'm a certified First Aider. I get my certificate sent out to me and have to do a refresher in 2 years.

Oh well that's one course done, just the Child Protection one to do now. I got the first lot of stuff via the mail last week so I need to sit down and actually read it and start doing the assignments. I'll do that on my days off this week when the kids are at school.

Talking of kids and school, its the September weekend here and the kids are off school tomorrow. Spinningfishwife and I are hoping the weather is nice coz we plan to take the kids out to Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum for a BBQ. We hope to sit, chat and do some knitting whilst the kids run riot round the place. If its raining we will revert to plan "B"..........Whatever that is!

I promise a knitting update post soon, as I seem to have been negligent on this of late!


Blogger Spinningfishwife said...

Plan "B" is that we sit, chat and do some knitting whilst the kids run riot round the place, but wearing waterproofs, ok?

7:24 am  
Blogger Alison said...

full of good sense, that spinningfishwife!
mine are away down in the north pennines with their dad, or we'd come and join you, becasue I CAN SEE THE SUN!

8:05 am  

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