Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy few days

I've had a very busy few days and I've lots of pix to show you. A stint of 8 straight nights, followed by a weekend packed full of world class 7's rugby and my last secret pal package.

I'll start with my last knitty secret pal package. It arrived yesterday and was full of some wonderful goodies.

Just look.......................................

2 balls of natural Regia sock yarn, (now I'll be able to try the cool aid she sent in her last package, once I work out what to do, as I've NEVER intentionaly dyed anything!!!), 100g skein of "Posh Yarns" sock yarn in Lucia Sway colour way, which is a mixture of colours and I just LOVE it, various bubble bath products and hand cream, "Devine" chocolate in chocolate Orange and white chocolate flavours, haribo sweets and wobbly worms for the kids. WHAT a great package, but I only have a very small complaint.........I'm NOT 100% sure who my secret pal was as there was no card inside. I know she comes from Devon and I know her name, but I DON'T know her knitty name.........or at least I don't think I do..........Mmmmmmmmmmmm???? Any way, who ever you are, THANK YOU * THANK YOU *

Here is a closer look at the "Posh Yarn". Just look at the mix of muted and bright colours.

and the wobbly worms!!!!!!!! The kids just loved THEM. Don't they look oh so real?

OK what did I get up to on my well earned weekend off?.......................
It was DH's birthday on Sunday so as a treat we got tickets to the last weekend of the IRB world 7's rugby tournament which was being held over Saturday and Sunday at Murrayfield (The home of Scottish rugby). 16 coutries took part in this wonderful festival of rugby. There were teams from New Zealand, Austrailia, Samoa, Portugal, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Georgia, Russia, Canada, Wales, England, Fiji,Kenya, Argentina and Scotland. The players mixed with the crowd and signed autographs etc and generally there was a great "party" atmosphere. There was lots of brilliant exciting rugby to watch. The game of 7's rugby is different to the normal game. Its played with 7 players instead of the usual 15. It is usually only 7-10 mins per half instead of 40. To find out more look here.

Here is Robert with Ben Cairns one of the Scotland players (left)
and A J Gilbert from Austrailia (right). The boys had a great time collecting autographs on the Sunday and were really excited to meet lots of "real" rugby players!

There was a festival of rugby on the Saturday and Sunday where there was lots of things for the kids to do, we booked them in to a couple of rugby workshops where they developed their rugby skills.

Here they are, with one of their friends meeting Scottie, the 7's mascot.

They also had the chance to see the Webb Ellis Trophy (Rugby 7's world cup)

and dress up and fight like sumo wrestlers!!!!

There were lots of other things going on......Golden Lions parachute team dropped in on the Sunday, Lothian and Borders Police Pipe band, Dunipace Pipe Band, a couple of groups playing drums and the Rockettes (cheerleaders). It was a brilliant weekend, although we were all really tired by the end of it on the Sunday night. We are already looking forward to next years 7's!!!!

This was taken on our way home on the bus on Sunday night. I didn't take the car as we could get a bus from right out side our house to the Stadium and there is always a problem with parking in the city centre so it isn't worth taking the car.

OK enough about rugby!

Just before I finish up this post I'd like to say well done to Robert who came 3rd in his year at his school sports today! Way to go Rob. Ronan has his sports day next week, so Ronan, good luck for Wednesday.


Blogger Faerynuff said...

Oh my! I wrote you a huge letter, I even printed off some koolaid dying instructions for you. I wonder what I did with that. My brain has gone to mush since being pg with #3. I'm sorry it took so long to get to you. What with me being exhausted, all of us getting sickness bugs etc etc, i just didn't get to the post office sooner. It had been ready to send for about 3 weeks at least.
I love the squishyness of the Posh Yarn, I've got some in a pansy colourway and can't wait to use it.
Was there a book in the parcel? I'd set aside a short novel that I'd read recently as I thought you might like it. It only took an afternoon to read but it was fun, non-taxing sort of book. I'm sure I put the letter inside there.
Anyway, Faerynuff signing off...I hope I've been a good SP, I wasn;t as attentive as I wanted to be and for that I am really sorry.
Take care...You are doing brilliantly on WW, I think I'm putting on what you are losing at the moment!

10:10 am  
Blogger Robin said...

OH HOW AWESOME! The package is fabulous...and the boys--I know they were SO excited about their weekend!! Love the pics!

1:20 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

Fabulous package, and it looks like a fun couple of days. I love the sumo wrestler suits, they cracked me up, and those worms sure look like the real thing. If you hadn't said otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to tell.

I still need to flash my bag. I did my dice bag (the one that holds the 10-siders) today, but the real thing is still coming up.

6:39 pm  
Blogger spinndiva said...

What a wonderful package and the sumo wrestlers are so funny!They MUST be the cutest wrestlers I have ever seen!
I got tagged on Mallory's blog for the bag thing and have yet to do it...
Love the "Posh Yarn!"

2:52 pm  

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