Friday, August 10, 2007

Off to see the Leprechauns!

Sorry I've not been blogging recently, but I'm not sure where the time has gone. Well I suppose I have been working (nothing new there!), but I recently took on the job of membership secretary at the Rugby Club and boy has that taken up all my "spare" time. The new season, officially starts on 1st September and all members had to get a membership package sent out, to enable them the pay their subscription before the start of the season. As there was a few changes to things this year I've had to attend several meetings to iron out all the glitches! All letters are now out and the money is slowly coming in, then I have to process all the information sent back on the forms and ensure a membership card and fixture card are sent out before the start of the season!

On top of that I've been busy promoting the mini section for the kids, with putting up posters and making up batches of fliers ready to put out to all the local schools when they return on the 20th! The mini season gets underway on the 19th. Where has the summer gone....Hell it doesn't seem long since I blogged about the rugby season being at an end!!!!!!

Where do the Leprechauns come into this post.....Well I'm off to Ireland at 6am tomorrow for 10 days! I'm driving my parents and the kids over to Donegal, via the P&O Ferry from Troon to Larne (north of Belfast) and we are staying in a cottage by the sea. Unfortunately DH has to work so we are leaving him at home :(

Will blog about our adventures when we return.........and yes I have packed some knitting!!