Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I honestly don't know where the time has gone since my last post here, so this might be a long one as I'm playing catch up. What have I been doing and where have I been? Nothing much really, but I just don't seem to have had much computer time over the past few months.....probably something to do with the kids using it more! You would have thought that I would have had more time since the rugby season finished in May, but I think I just replaced the rugby with doing an extra shift at work!

I'm sure there has been stuff happening, but its been a while and I've forgotten most of it!!!! Well I'm not getting any younger after all! I haven't even been doing much knitting either, but I have read quite a few books, so I suppose my brain has been kept active.

Work has been really busy and we have been really short staffed so I've been doing extra....well I kinda had to as my car finally gave up the will to live and needed to be replaced with a bigger and younger one. After much research on the net and looking around local garages I finally decided on a Renault Grand Scenic.

I really like this car, it has plenty of space and the boot (trunk) is big enough to take all the rugby kit that I need to carry around with me (but that's an other story!)It also has the option to have 2 extra seats, making it a 7 seater. This has come in very useful at times since I bought it.

As I mentioned, the rugby season finished in May and this saw Ronan and his team mates winning a couple of tournaments before they progress on to the next section.
(Ronan is 3rd from the right)They are no longer in the Mini section (7-12 years), but have moved up to the Midi section (13-16 years) and things have got tougher for them, or it will! Last season they played on a 1/3rd of the total pitch, however next season they play on the full size pitch....a big ask, so they need to be really fit. Yes they also get 3 extra players but they still have a lot more ground to cover. They started their pre-season training a few weeks ago and it has been hard. At the moment they are concentrating on fitness and basic ball skills.Ok on to why I have to carry all the team kit.....well, way back months ago I was approached by their coach and asked if I would be the team manager and organise all the stuff and fixtures for the team, so after I got over the shock I said yes! (I MUST be mad) I will also be helping out with Robert's team when I can, but DH has said he will do the coaching course next year so he can help out more. The season starts back, proper in August, so I have been busy getting all the membership stuff ready too, as it all needs to be sent out this week.

Once again we went off to the Scottish International Festival of Rugby at Ayr and the guys played some very tough games and unfortunately there was no medals this year. But fun was had by all.

Robert once again was a stalwart of the team and put in some great performances. However he was unlucky on the Saturday and had to come off injured for a while. thankfully it wasn't too bad and he was soon up and playing again.

Most of the stuff that's been happening, has been happening to Ronan.

Their school class made a film called "Highland Challenge"and Ronan was one of the main characters in it and Duncan (spinningfishwifes son) was also in it. It had its Premier at the Film House in Edinburgh and it was really good. The parents were invited along to see it and lets just say there was hardly a dry eye in the house!!!!!!

An other milestone has been reached by Ronan in recent weeks, and that was when he finished Primary school. After spending the last 7 years at this small school he moves on up to High school in August. It is a much larger school. He says he is looking forward to it....we shall see how he copes will all the extra homework it brings?

When the boys finished school for the holidays I took them up to my folks for a week or so. I initially went up with them , then left them for a few days then went back up for them. They had great weather and even managed to spend some time in the open air swimming pool in Stonehaven!!!!! Yes, even in Scotland we had it warm enough to swim outside!!!!

Here they are having fun in the pool.

Oh well I think that's about me up to date. I will promise not to be away so long the next time.