Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An other pair of sox finished!

Yes Robert's "Scotland sox" are now completed and that makes a total of 8 for January, with 9 and 10 still on the needles!

These were knitted in Regia Nation colours which my Knitty Secretpal 7, Susann sent me from Germany.

Boring bit now!
75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable (but I still hand wash them....mad or what?). 231yrds/50g ball (need 2 balls for a pair of adult sox). Gauge 7.5 sts on a 3mm needle. I knitted these on a 2.5mm set of dpn's. He wanted a pattern on the cuff so I did the yarn over cable pattern from "Sensational Knitted Socks" (My sock bible!)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Bobday!

Today's post is especially for Robert, coz today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Robert, 8 years old today. It hardly seems any time at all since he was born. Where does the time go........LOL.

Here he is with his birthday cake.....a Caterpillar from Tesco! Well I have been working all week! (I know that's no excuse, but it was his choice, I did offer to
make one, but that's what he wanted.)

One of his presents was a wrestling ring for his WWE wrestlers. He actually wanted this for his Xmas, but unfortunately Santa was unable to find one, so we got him it for his birthday. He was really pleased and excited about it. However he had to wait to play with it, coz it needed to be constructed and DH said it was a beggar to do!

A bit about Robert, for those of you who don't know him. He is a very sensitive, helpful and creative little boy. Who can be shy at times, he does not like being out of his comfort zone, however once he feels comfortable in a situation he comes right out of his shell.

"Mummy's little helper"! He loves to help with the housework! Doesn't take that from me, as I hate housework!

Creative side.......He occasionally brings out his knitting and does a few rows, I'll take responsibility for that!!!! He also loves to draw pictures. Well his maternal grandfather is an artist!

This "angelic" child can not possibly be the same one that was covered from head to toe in mud in last weeks post!

I also have a special mention to make for Ronan as he was in a swimming gala for the Cubs on Saturday and got a certificate.

He got the certificate for winning the relay along with Isbella's son Duncan and 2 others, he also came second in the individual freestyle and got a third place in the medley relay, (he brought them back from last place and 3/4 length of the pool behind to reach third!). He has also been swimming for the school, and has reached the finals this Friday. Unfortunately I will not be there to watch, but he let me off since I got up out of my bed to go watch him on Saturday. Good luck Ronan and the rest of the Campie swimming team.

The boys also have a basketball game on Friday, so I will go along and watch before I go to work.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What's your wallpaper?

Whilst reading my usual blogs today, I found a great idea on Robin's. It had actually all started with Kat's question..........What's your wallpaper.

Well no surprises as to what mine would be. Yup the boys in their rugby kit!! This one was taken last April at our tournament. Ronan is displaying his winners medal and Robert the "Man of the Match" trophy.

I change them fairly regularly, depending on my mood, so it might be something totally different next week!

Haggis, neeps and tatties!

That is what the Scots traditionally eat today to celebrate the birth of our National bard, Robert Burns, who was born on 25th Jan 1759.

Why do we eat haggis on this day? Well when Robert Burns died, several Burns Clubs were setup in his honour and they celebrated by eating haggis in honour of his poem "To a Haggis". To find out all about haggis look here.

What are neeps and tatties? Well neeps are turnips and tatties are potatoes. Both are mashed and served with the haggis.

As we are celebrating The national Bard, I just had to post a poem! However it is not one of his poem, but one written about him by an other Scottish Poet, William Topaz McGonagall. He also published several poems, he was known as Scotland's Worst Poet!

Here is his poem........................................
Robert Burns

IMMORTAL Robert Burns of Ayr,
There's but few poets can with you compare;
Some of your poems and songs are very fine:
To "Mary in Heaven" is most sublime;
And then again in your "Cottar's Saturday Night,
"Your genius there does shine most bright,
As pure as the dewdrops of the night.

Your "Tam O'Shanter" is very fine,
Both funny, racy, and divine,
From John O'Groats to Dumfries
All critics consider it to be a masterpiece,
And, also, you have said the same,
Therefore they are not to blame.

And in my own opinion both you and they are right,
For your genius there does sparkle bright,
Which I most solemnly declare To thee,
Immortal Bard of Ayr!
Your "Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon
"Is sweet and melodious in its tune,
And the poetry is moral and sublime,
And in my opinion nothing can be more fine.

Your "Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled
"Is most beautiful to hear sung or read;
For your genius there does shine as bright,
Like unto the stars of night
Immortal Bard of Ayr!
I must conclude my muse
To speak in praise of thee does not refuse,
For you were a mighty poet, few could with you compare,
And also an honour to Scotland, for your genius it is rare .
If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will realise that I quite like poetry and periodically I will post one.....Today is no exception! Once again this urge for a suitable poem was brought on by a) Burns Day and b) the kids coming home from school with "Scottish" poems to learn for their homework! None were by Burns!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sox and Secret Pals

I know I just posted yesterday, but I think this week is going to be one of these times when you hear nothing from me for a while, then like buses all the posts come at once!

I have finished an other pair of sox for the Craft Fair in December! They are knitted in pale pink Opal Uni. The pattern is Arrow from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I enjoyed knitting this pattern, so think I will probably do it again.

OK here is a first for gourdongirl! One of the things I promised I would learn this year was short row heels! I have knitted several short row scarves so knew I could do it. I found a great short row tutorial here. These sox are for Robert. He laid claim to the Regia "Scotland football colour" sock yarn that my last SP sent me. He didn't want "plain" sox so I gave him Sensational knitted Socks to look at and he chose the yarn over cable pattern. Rather than do the short row heel on the sock I had a trial run and managed fine. Here you see the result. I'm quite proud of the way I actually managed to get it to work out. Lets hope I can do the same with the second one!

Its THAT time again on the Knittyboard......Yes its Secret Pal time and I have once again signed up, as I have really enjoyed doing this in the past. The person I have to spoil is in the USA, but that's all I am saying, just in case she actually might read my blog. I have also had contact from my spoiler, but I haven't got a clue where she is from YET!

I have also signed up for a sock swap on Knitty too. This is not a secret pairing, however as Kimberly and I have decided that we want to keep our sox a surprise, I will say no more on the matter, till they are done and received. I am looking forward to knitting these sox. I have chosen a pattern I have not done before and the yarn I ordered has now arrived, and I LOVE it. Thankfully I decided to buy some for me too, so I won't feel bad when I send the finished sox to Kimberly! Unfortunately before I can start them I need to finish Robert's! NOT long now!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Muddy Sunday!

After a week of howling gales and torrential rain, Sunday dawned bright and cold. As was usual for a Sunday morning in the gourdongirl house mad panic ensued, Yes the rugby was still on!

When we left the clubhouse it looked as if the weather would hold for us, NOT so, we got half way to North Berwick and the heavens opened. Oh well so much for dry kids! Thank goodness I had a change of clothes and towels in the car! However I forgot to take a change for myself!!!

The teams all had to “warm up” in the rain, thus they were actually cold and wet before they even started! But the Scots are made of stern stuff and they ALL soldiered on! To be quite honest I really don’t think the games should have been played, as it was very muddy and slippery underfoot. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. Ronan's team won both their games convincingly, 9:0 and 9:1. Robert's team, who only had 5 players turn up, narrowly got beat in one game and won the other. I was VERY proud of all the boys (and the 2 girls) who braved the elements to play for their respective teams.

This is Robert after the games! I think there must have been a wallow hole in the middle of their pitch! He even had mud in his ears!!! Believe it or not, he acctually has on a pair of orange gloves, red boots and his trousers should be black!

I never actually saw the state of Ronan, but I did see the state of his kit!

I had given David a black garbage bag and instructed him to put all their kit into it when they got changed after the game!

I decided NO WAY would my washing machine cope with all the mud, so we rinsed it out in the bath first. This is the colour of the water after the first rinse!

There was at least 1/2 an inch of sludgy mud at the bottom of the bath after we emptied away the first water!

This is what things looked like after 10 rinses in the bath! At least you can now see the colour of the tops, more than you could do when we started!

I let it soak in boiling soapy water all night and again all day, before I allowed it anywhere near the washing machine today!

In case you have forgotten this is what a "Clean" Robert and kit looks like! I forgot to post that Robert won "Man of the Match" in the first game of 2007. So here he is with the trophy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What mythological creature are you?

Found this on Robin's blog and thought it might be interesting!

You Are a Centaur

In general, you are a very cautious and reserved person.
However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways.
You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order.
You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

1st of 2007 and post 150!

Hell its nearly the middle of January and I still haven't wished you a Happy New Year. I am sorry about that, how time flies when you are having fun! Hmmm....fun? HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope all your dreams come true in 2007.

OK, what have I been doing so far this year, that it has kept me away from my blog for 2 weeks, well I suppose I have been busy working and getting over the virus that Robert and I managed to catch on Xmas day!!! I think spinningfishwife did mention that in one of her recent posts.

I have also change jobs in the last few weeks, I no longer work with young people with mental health issues, and am currently working with young adults with learning difficulties who also display challenging behaviours. I am enjoying the change of experience and the new challenges it brings.

On the rugby front I have been busy helping organise the Mini section rugby tour. This has been an ongoing task for the past few months and finally we have got things booked. We are off to Ayr, on the West Coast of Scotland to take part in a Festival of Rugby. Which sees teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales taking part in 2 days of rugby. We will be taking teams from age 8 - 12, so this means both Ronan and Robert will be playing in the tournament. We will be staying at the Haven holiday camp just outside Ayr, called Craig Tara. We are all looking forward to it as all 4 of us are going. David has been drafted in as a parent helper with Robert's team.

Knitting wise I have also bee very busy and have several FO's to show you! All sox I hasten to add!!! My oldest UFO, which I started at woolfest last summer has now graduated to FO status!

My oldest UFO!
These are sox I knitted for Ronan, they are knitted from Lorna's Laces, sport camouflage 708, which is 100% superwash wool. I managed to get this pair of sox out of one 70g skein of the yarn, so I still have an other skein left. If I remember correctly I got this sock yarn in a swap on knitty.com!!!!

I started these two pairs just before Xmas and finished them at the beginning of January.
The blue ones are knitted on 3mm dpn's in Schoeller + Stahl Fortisima Cotton Color Socka. (45% cotton, 42% virgin wool and 13% nylon), they are knitted in stocking stitch.

The purple ones are knitted on 2.5mm dpn's and in a cotton/wool/nylon mix of unknown make, coz I've lost the ball band! (Any ideas of what it is would be gratefully received!). They are knitted in my favourite free Lacey "Opal" sock pattern!

Both pairs are knitted in stocking stitch on 2.5mm dpns. The "trainer" sox are knitted in "On Line" Supersocke 100, Summer colour. (45% cotton, 40% virgin wool, 15% nylon) and the bright blue stripey ones are knitted in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Maya (45% cotton, 42% virgin wool, 13% nylon).

These were knitted on 2.5mm dpns in Regia Canadian Colour. (75% superwash new wool, 25% nylon). They are also knitted in my favourite free "Opal" Lacey pattern!

Why all the sox? Well my Mum was at a craft fair at Guthrie Castle in Angus just before Xmas and she suggested that we share a table at the next Xmas craft fair in December. Hell I know its ages away, but if we want to have enough to sell, I'd better get knitting. Mum is knitting scarves and I'm doing sox and Xmas decorations and as my Dad paints he is doing some paintings. Well it will keep me busy and its an excuse to use up some of my sock stash and YES it means I have an excuse to buy more!!!!!!

OK I think that's you all up to date with the comings and goings in gourdongirl's life at the moment.